Your morning ritual may very well include a cup of hot … something. Maybe it’s a cup of joe to go, or a revitalizing yerba mate. Consider this first beverage as an indication of your intentions to come, so make your decision deliberate — not just out of habit — and make it a little more … clear.

Start With Water

Before you pour your coffee or steep your tea, drink some water. A small glass of room temperature H2O will begin to awaken your body from the inside-out, getting your digestion revved up and setting your mind into action.

Stay Clear

Perhaps it’s warm liquid that you are craving instead of caffeine (perhaps). Don’t underestimate the soothing sips that come from hot water, and add some lemon juice and fresh ginger. Even if you start with hot water and then move into coffee or tea in the mid-morning, your organs will thank you for the boost of hydration.

Keep Your Cup Simple

The “cleanest” way to consume tea or coffee is with no additives. Sweetener and cream adds additional calories, along with, well, sugar and dairy. If you want to sweeten up your cup, use natural sweeteners like honey, raw sugar or maple syrup. Coffee is especially acidic, so some organic milk can be a nice way to cut down the harsh hit on your stomach.

Just be aware of the choices you are making when you start your day, and know that these are what set the tone of every hour to follow. Keep your body in balance with lots of hydration, and know that rules of moderation won’t promote too many refills — unless it’s just the water glass you are topping off.