Traditionally, with the coming of the New Year, we set out a list of goals, hopes, dreams, and resolutions. It’s here that we have reflected on the past year in candor, and choose to carve a new or more challenging path. While resolutions can vary widely person to person, we’ve put together some of our favorite yogi inspired resolutions – some specific in their task, and others more general or relating to the way we carry ourselves day to day.

We reading this list, reflect on what these resolutions would mean for you personally. How would you go about achieving them? Most of all, we encourage you to make a list of your own resolutions alongside this list. Take some time to devout thought into your goals and be realistic with yourself. Build plans around your goals, and place the list somewhere easy to see every day, helping to remind yourself of your resolutions.

More Writing1. More Writing

Writing can be one of the most creative and cathartic outlets for a person. While it doesn’t always include what some may see as “artistic flare” (like, say, a canvas or myriad of paints and textures), writing is as much based in the soul as it is in the mind. Your thoughts become symbols on the paper, and you allow yourself to release your emotions, hopes, and/or insecurities into the world. You don’t need to make your writing public – perhaps it’s in a journal or private blog – but doing so opens up a whole new channel for creativity. Find yourself a pen pal or spend time creating content that can inspire others. By adding a reader to your writing, you’ll find that your mind works in new ways, and produces new artistic flows while writing.

Inner Awareness Resolution2. Inner Awareness

Your breath has been your companion from the day you are born and is the only tool you need to help develop your inner awareness. Try taking ten minutes a day to pause and consciously focus on your breathe. If during this time your mind wanders, gently catch yourself and refocus back to your breath. This giving yourself permission to reset and refocus on what is important. Guide your breath and let your breath guide you to increased inner awareness.

Daily Meditation Resolution3. Practice More Meditation

For us, more meditation is on our list of resolutions every year. Meditation is very much a continued effort by all yogis, and consciously acknowledging the difficulty and necessity for commitment to the craft is extremely useful in taking as much away from the practice as possible. Even if you spend ample time meditating throughout your days, remember to practice the stillness of mind during the actions of the day, as you move place to place and talk to person to person. Meditation is a cornerstone of a healthy life and practice, and incorporating it into your days in as many ways possible can help keep stress down and vitality up.

Connect with Nature Resolution4. Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature awakens our original humanity. Simply go outside, look, listen, feel, touch, breathe. Pick berries, play a game, watch a bird, make a fire, have experiences. Unhurried time with nature is well known for giving bursts of intuition and sudden insights to long sought questions. As you ground yourself with mother nature, take notice in how she can create headspace for you to focus on both the short and long-term goals you have set for yourself.

Financial Peace5. Financial Peace

In 2014, seventy-five percent of Americans said money was their biggest cause of stress. Regardless of your income level, the clutter that poor financial health brings is exponential. By educating ourselves and humbly seeking help when needed, we can bring more peace of mind to every aspect of life that our money is connected to. This year, let’s focusing more energy on the never-ending process of developing healthy financial habits.

6. Take A New Yoga Class

Perhaps you’re a seasoned yogi, or perhaps you’re still new to the practice. Whatever the case, a new yoga class – say Hot Yoga or Bikram – can be a fun way to add variation to your practice, meet new faces, and test your body in new ways. Ask yourself what part of your practice you want to improve, and try to choose a class that addresses that goal. Next, sign up!

7. Take a Friend to Yoga

Not all resolutions need to be so self-centered, and we encourage you to include others in your plans for a happier, healthier new year. For this next resolution, we encourage you to bring a friend to a yoga or meditation class. Think back to when you first started practicing. You may have been a bit shy, confused, or uncertain as to what yoga could actually do for your life. Consider now what it has done, and how that has benefited your health and wellness. With this in mind, make the conscious effort this next year to include a friend in your practice – they could really benefit.

8. Practice Gratitude

Like meditation, we constantly seek to add the practice of gratitude to our resolutions. The truth is, it can be hard to be graciously with every action, every day, and no one expect you to be perfect. Rather, it’s the consistent effort, either internally stated or spoken aloud, that helps direct us to a grateful state of being. For example, during traffic, long lines at the store, or otherwise frustrating instances in life, take a moment to reflect and bring gratitude back into your life. Let the stress of anxiety and anger melt away, and replace it with affection and understanding. This can be one of your most powerful resolutions.

Commit to Your Resolutions

Committing to your resolutions is the real key to success, and that’s why we remind you again to place your list of resolutions somewhere easy to see and reference every day (and we mean every day!). Invest in a small white board, or perhaps print of a single sheet of resolutions to hang by your bedroom door. Whatever the method, internally devote yourself to your goals, and keep in mind that most resolutions may not be achieved in a single day, but in 365.