Part of following the path of yoga is understanding that it is indeed a journey – one doesn’t simply become enlightened, forever moving forward with infallibility. Instead, yoga understands that we are continuously faced with changing circumstances, and by practicing bodily and spiritual awareness, we can make the decisions that most benefit us and the world around us (decisions based on such things as The Five Yamas).

Simply put: life’s challenges will very likely never go away, but how you choose to react to them and live your life is what decides how happy you truly are.

Yoga is then a very daily practice, and here at Yogi Surprise, we’re always looking for new sources of inspiration that can help keep us focused on our practice. What we’ve discovered is that there are number of communities and free sources of information that can fuel a powerful yogi. Here are some our favorite subscriptions – we hope they’re as useful to you as they’ve been to us:

1. Headspace

Meditation is one of the best things you can do for the mind – it can change the shape of your brain, increase longevity, and help you better enjoy your life. Even so, it can often be tough for many people. The mind is so busy, and making time each day to meditate can seem impossible.

Headspace makes meditation easy, and whether you’re a beginner or pro, it can do a lot for your practice. Learn more at Headspace.

2. Yoga Works

Can’t find yoga classes near you or does your schedule just not allow for a common practice time? You can still learn online, and Yoga Works is a great source for educational videos and tools to refine and perfect your practice. Over 500 classes are organized by level and difficulty, making it easy to find new poses at your level.

3. Om Magazine

Om Magazine has a very fundamental belief: it’s not just about doing yoga, it’s about living it. From articles on ‘Problem Poses‘ to ‘Taming My Monkey Mind,’ the magazine breathes a light, humorous tone around the oh-so-common thoughts and confessions of yogis everywhere, while offering powerful advice and lessons that are worth reflecting on.

4. Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV is perhaps one of the best sources of inspirational and informative content for the yoga community. Gaiam offers original programming, movies, and fitness and yoga tips and practices. Plus, it has content appropriate for the whole family, making it a great choice for the homes with children.

5. Yogi Surprise

You guessed it! Among our favorite subscriptions is Yogi Surprise – a yoga retreat in a box. With organic superfood snacks, inspiring content, and copious amounts of intent and love packed in every box, it makes for the perfect complement to your yoga practice. Plus, you can even win an all expense paid Yoga Retreat! Subscribe today!