Love is in the air. And whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s a good time to take a step back and reflect on the power we have when we turn our attention to loving others. Sometimes the smallest extra bits of effort by you can change someone’s day, and in some cases, it can change a life.

Here are 5 simple ways to love others in a bit more personal way:

1. Handwritten Card

If you’re giving away cards, skip the over-the-top or painfully general written ones and instead write them by hand. The act of showing your thoughtfulness for another shouldn’t be driven by a compulsory feeling just because its the holiday, so spend an extra moment to think about this other person who has a significant role in your life. These are the messages that are truly meant to be shared.

2. Pay it Forward

Random acts of kindness are perhaps one of the best ways to spread the love. Consider buying the person behind you coffee, or help someone with their bags across the street. If you see someone in need, lend a helping hand. These positive, proactively actions in public often have an immense ripple effect. You may end up changing the moods of hundreds of people.

3. Make a Donation

Donating doesn’t just have to mean money. Clean clothes, blankets, backpacks, shoes, and home goods are all great donations, and most people probably own much more of these items than they actually use. Just think, what do you have right now that you don’t really need? Take a moment to clear your home of what you may consider clutter – you may be helping another person in an amazing way.

4. Volunteer

There is always need for good help. Shelters, non-profits, and many more organizations, all working toward public good, are often critically understaffed. Even with a busy schedule, a few hours a week can make a difference. Motivate yourself by inviting friends and family!

5. Give the Gift of Wellness!

Another amazing gift is the gift of new experiences. And here at Yogi Surprise, we deliver just that every month.  Gifting a subscription means gifting organic, sustainable foods, amazing goods for your body and mind, and inspirational and useful yoga tools and tips. It’s a fun way to encourage a more holistic practice, and it’s great for people at any stage of yoga.

Show the Love

With so many simple ways to spread positivity, spreading positive is easy this holiday – or any day, for that matter. Remember that this is an ongoing practice, and the more you do, the more good you do for not only the world, but also yourself.

So, how do you plan to show the love?