Gossip never helps anyone, especially those who are doing the gossiping. The next time you find yourself in a gossip-driven conversation, consider all the energy that is spent talking about the lives of others — that is energy that is pulled away from what you can give to yourself and all that you are trying to create in your own life.

Here are 3 ways to stop the gossip, before it even starts:

Ditch The Drama

Drama to the sprit is like refined sugar to the body — it’s enticing, addicting, and blatantly bad for you. The mass media tries to provoke a lot of drama out of all of us, especially in the modern depictions of “reality” — reality television shows, politics, news, etc.

It’s very healthy to stay informed on what is going on in this world, but keep it all in perspective. Do your best to not get caught up in an excess of drama, because that tendency is what keeps us looking to latch on to the drama (through gossip) around us.

Release Your Judgment

Judging others come from insecurity in ourselves, so to choose to come from a place to love and acceptance with others, means we are choosing to come from that place with ourselves as well.

Make a conscious effort to stop judging yourself, and then make that same effort towards others. Together, we can create relationships that are truly based on connection and love, instead of fear, insecurity, judgement and gossip.

Let Go Of The Ego

It’s the Ego that brings us towards gossip. Your Ego, my Ego, all Egos, are constantly trying to convince you and I and everyone else of personal righteousness —saying “I am right” as a defense mechanism towards our own beliefs that limit us — rather than creating space for curiosity and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Choose to be humbled on a daily basis, which will help to minimize the need for drama and judgment in your life — leading to a life without gossip, and full of freedom.