Warm days with sunny skies define the summer season. It’s the perfect time of year to connect with friends and family, over good food and quintessentially summer activities. From sharing stories around bright bonfires to catching up during a day at the beach, summer truly is a time of love. There’s just something in the air – it binds us and encourages our hearts to be open.

So what are some great activities to inspire connection this summer? Here’s 3 of our favorite!

1. Plan an Al Fresco Movie Night

A summer movie night is always fun, and when it’s done al fresco, it can be the source of some of the most amazing memories. Al fresco simply means “in the open air,” and it’s a style outside entertainment and dining. There’s a tons of themes that go along with al fresco entertainment, because its so ubiquitous in cultures around the world. In this rendition, we like to picture this as the theme:

Al Fresco Movie Night
Found on: pinterest.com/pin/70439181644658613

Okay, so what’s needed to make this happen?

  • Pillows, blankets, and something comfortable to sit on.
  • A projector +  a tightened sheet. Another great alternative is to us a white canvass!
  • Lighting essentials! That means a few extension cords, some string lights, and candles for presence.
  • Fresh popped heirloom popcorn and plenty to drink!

2. Beach Trip and Bonfire

Bonfires have the ability to pull people together. There’s something about the roaring blaze that settles the air. It’s a living, vibrant, and creative force of energy, and it fascinates the senses. When it’s on the beach, it truly creates a unique, connecting experience.

Planning a trip to beach is something that should be on basically everyone’s list during the summer. First off, your skin relishes in the environment: salt water great for your skin, and the sun is something most people just don’t get enough of (just be sure not to get over exposed!). It’s also a fun place to relax and spend time with friends. From playing in the water to swimming to water sports, it’s a place that’s conducive to just having fun.

Here’s the essential check list for your beach trip:

  • Plenty of water!
  • Beach umbrella, sunblock, and other ways to protect your skin.
  • Make sure the beach you visit allows fires (some do not).
  • All the essentials for summer smores

3. Backyard Barbecue

Almost everyone has been to a memorable backyard barbecue, and if you haven’t this is the summer that need to change. Barbecues are a refreshingly relaxing activity, encouraging people to just let loose, hang out, and enjoy the time with their loved ones. They’re all about eating good food, but being care free, perhaps setting everyone on “low” and just letting things simmer as you catch up with friends.

So what do we suggest for the perfect barbecue?

  • Again, plenty of water! It’s summer, so you can never get enough.
  • Bamboo kabobs. There’s just something that makes veggie kabobs so much more fun than regular veggies.
  • Something to inspire a backyard sport or activity.

Inspire Summer Connections

Whatever you choose, your summer is bound to be full of exciting times, as long as you seek out that adventure. Perhaps pull out your calendar, check your dates, and try to plan out your next day with friends and family. Sometimes, all that’s needed to get your next activity rolling is you putting out the idea. Go out there and have the summer of your life!