1. Yogi Surprise 7-Day Detox!

A 7-Day detox guide of mindful living.

Yogi Surprise DetoxThat’s right! The wants and needs of our members motivated us to create a 7-Day Yoga Detox! We created this detox to not only help with general toxin cleanse, but also guide you through your own experience of psychological and spiritual awakening. Love yourself and love others with transformational aspects of mindfulness, yoga postures, and lifestyle advice. Lookout 2016, here comes a happier, healthier me!

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2. The Yoga Body Cleanse

A 7-Day Ayurvedic Detox to Rejuvenate your Body and Calm Your Mind

yoga-body-cleanse-1This 7-day body cleanse is a holistic day-to-day program designed to deliver embodied energy, mental clarity, and a steady rhythm to live more fully! Author Robin Westen, thoughtfully crafted a comprehensive lifestyle detox—incorporating journaling, meditation, pampering yourself and of course, yoga! If you’re not familiar with Ayurvedic practices, don’t be discouraged, Westen spells out exactly what you need to do for this physically, emotionally and spiritually transformative detox.

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3. Yoga TX 7 Day Detox

A Guided YouTube Yoga Challenge

7-days-of-yogaThis 7 Day Yoga Detox helps detox the body by burning calories and fat, muscle strengthening, improved balance, flexibility, and stamina. This video detox series will help release toxins, help digestion with twists, ab work, and can also help cleanse the mind, and spirit, by helping you set positive reformations, and learning how to feel more positive, and just overall better!

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4. A 7-Day Weight Loss Yoga Challenge

Jen-HilmanYoga can be great for weight loss, the poses can help burn fat & calories by strengthening and toning your muscles, and by getting your whole body heated. Try Jen Hilman’s 7 Day Weight Loss Yoga Challenge whenever you feel like gaining strength & slimming down.

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