5 Ways to Feel More Alive

An easy exercise for your 5 senses


  1. Feast Your Eyes

            Turn your vision on today by taking some extra time to look around and to take in all the beauty that surrounds you. Always try to notice new things, and you will see the world with new eyes.

  1. Wake Up Your Taste Buds

            Use the powerful sense of taste to experience what nourishes you. Locate the subtle hints of minerals in a mouthful of water, become more familiar with a certain spice, or experience just how juicy and sweet a summer peach can be.

  1. Hear Subtle Sounds

            If you take a little extra time to listen today, you will be amazed at what you hear. The world is filled with vibrations — many of which you can pick up with your ears — so see what you can hear today that you have never heard before … a light wind, a child laughing, a bird landing. 

  1. Stop and Smell the Roses

            Get outside and open your nose. Every season presents new fragrant experiences to enjoy — wildflowers in the summer, crisp air in autumn, cold snow in winter, and moist soil in spring.

  1. Be in-Touch

            One very tangible way to connect with your world is through touch. Try a heartfelt hug or running sand between your hands. Let this potent experience of connection lead the way to exploration of the earth and with your relationships every day.

Value The Power Of Communication

Communication is the foundation of connection. Every word you say and every movement you make is the way you project yourself onto the world.

Think about the last time you communicated …consider it was just moments ago. It was the tone you used on a phone call or the eye-contact you made with a stranger; the phrase you posted on your Facebook status, or the laughter you shared with a friend.

Cultivate Connection 

Mishaps in communication occur when the value for dynamic perspectives is lost. We all have a different story, and we each view the world from a subjective lens. To communicate effectively —whether through words or actions —is to honor the space between all of our perspectives, to listen to others with integrity and to share from a place of intention.

Tony Robbins said it well: “To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

Your view on life could actually give someone else a really fresh look on their own, and vice versa. Hear someone, by fully listening, before you decide to add in your input. Too often, we have an idea of what we want to say or what we want someone to hear, so what we end up hearing is our own voice, not theirs.

Open up your body language and your words to interpersonal communication. Use all of your senses to hear from others, and do the same to share from your heart.

Clear communication is a practice. Notice the way you use physical delivery to interact with those who you are close with, and those you don’t even know. Do you keep your body open when you’re in a conversation, or do you cross your arms in front of your heart? Do you smile when you meet someone new, or gaze at that person with an heir of judgment?

Begin practicing being more aware of how your physical and verbal language is landing, and commit to a path of connection and growth.

Be More Mindful Of Energy 

We often think of energy in the form of output — like expelling however much of it we have inside. It’s what we often associate with a child running at the park, or someone who seems to be overly enthusiastic; commonly identified by a phrase that goes something like: “Wow, she really has a lot of energy,” or “He’s extremely energetic.”

It’s the output of energy that is most apparent — rapid movements and loud vocal projections, breakdancing and belly laughs — but energy exists all around us in more subtle forms too, and it’s important that we acknowledge its ever-present power.

By definition, energy is the property of objects, which is transferable among them. Energy is what makes up our physical, emotional and spiritual compositions, and is then manifested through physical movement, mental stimulation and emotional journeys.

More Than Meets The Eye

In a 1999 report on Bioenergetic Fields, written by Victor J. Stenger in affiliation with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and published in “The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine,” Stenger points out how many fields of alternative medicine are “grounded on vitalism, the notion that living organisms possess some unique quality … that gives them a special quality we call life.”

 The reason that the generally modern, Western mind has a hard time identifying more subtle energy is that it is trying to see energy from an action, instead of feel it from a more intuitive place.

“As modern science developed in the West and the nature of matter was gradually uncovered, a few scientists sought scientific evidence for the nature of the living force,” identifies Stenger.

Eastern methodologies, among others, have identified the force with many names: as “prana” by the Hindus, “qi” or “chi” by the Chinese, “ki” by the Japenese, and has 95 other names in 95 other cultures, as Stenger states. He says this multi-named, universal substance that produces energy, “is said to constitute the source of life that is so often associated with soul, spirit and mind.”

This hypothetical vital force, he explains, is often referred to as the bioenergetic field, and that many touch therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other alternative healing practitioners say they can manipulate this field, bringing the body’s energies back into balance.

Tap Into Your Vital Force

While reading and shifting energy fields has been practiced in many cultures for centuries, it is up to us in this modern age to get more in-tune with the life force of our whole being.

A consistent and progressive yoga practice is one very powerful way to connect inward, which then translates to becoming more mindful of the ways that we project outward.

There are many practices that assist with energy awareness, but as yoga is fiercely growing in popularity throughout the Western world, we can all use the asana (practice of the physical poses), to connect them to pranayama (the breath), in order to shift any energy stuck in the body — the same energies that block emotional understanding and spiritual growth.

Just notice if your yoga practice is offering you opportunities to shift your energy. Practitioners beginning on their journey will first notice the physical shifts — the feeling lightness and freedom after an hour on their mat; and more seasoned yogis will begin to move more and more into the realm of personal exploration, and will notice that energy shifts start from within, and then radiate outward.

Yoga in this world, and all forms of energy work, have the power to shift physical, emotional and spiritual realms of existence. These methodologies are catalysts for us, helping us to be more open new awareness, and to constant evolution. We can then cultivate more awareness, curiosity and compassion to all of the energy fields — every living being — which which we interact.

October's Theme: Love Yourself

Do you ever experience a pocket in your day when you just feel in your flow? As if all the angles of your world align, and you are gliding amidst its streamlined surface? If only for a moment, it's a feeling when the love for your life fits into the heart of it all.

Then there's the times when the self-love seems to fade. "I'm not good enough ... successful enough ... pretty enough ... strong enough ... ." You know, those times when your heart steps into the shadows, leaving little light for you, and nearly none for anyone else.

You don't have to stand in the darkness, blind to the beauty of you own reflection. Know that self-love is a choice. It's a necessary gift that only you can offer inward, and that's the only way to share it outward.

Love, delivered.

The inaugural month of Yogi Surprise is presenting subscribers with a message of self-love. The box that comes to your doorstep is meant to complement inward compassion, giving you tools you can use to enliven your yoga practice and overall sense of equanimity and joy.

The unique yoga accessories, natural beauty items and organic superfoods you’ll find in your Yogi Surprise are perfect ways to boost your well-being, but know that the material satisfactions provide access to only one step along your journey.

I always feel great when I put on a new comfy yoga top or smooth a nourishing cream over my quenched skin, but the stretchy shirt doesn't step itself on my mat, just as the moisturizer only works if I apply it to my face.

Self-love starts with self care, which means nurturing your body, mind and spirit, as well as your relationships, with healthy interaction. Take out the toxic talk, the judgment, the useless stories, to make more room for love.

Nourish your source

Whatever it is that brings you that euphoric sense of bliss —that “in the flow”feeling — is exactly what you need to keep instilling in your day-to-day. Maybe a quiet morning walk or a rigorous run is exactly what you need; or perhaps it’s a breakfast of raspberry pancakes and spicy chai that calls to you on certain occasions. Sometimes, love will simply show up —as a hug from a friend or a smile from a stranger.

And know that every day is different. Sometimes love flows right in, like the sun rays streaming into your window, hitting you with warmth the moment your eyes greet the light. Other times, love has a softer presence, as subtle as radiant alpenglow that falls upon a mountain in the morning.

Amidst any day when love seem hard to find, just know that you don’t have to look very far. Give yourself the love you deserve with things that make you happy, activities that bring you balance, food that nourishes your body, and people who enliven your soul.

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